The 4 easy steps to get our sensors installed

At Fullup, we put focus on the simplicity of our installation processes. This is one of the reasons why our installation partners appreciate us.

All of our products are installed through the same simple installation process. The simplicity of this process allows our customers to generally install our sensors themselves (using our applications) without always needing specialized installers.

0. Go next to your tank

In this article, we present the 4 steps of a classic installation.Watch the tank
Each tank is different. Fortunately, our sensors cover 99% of the tanks on the market. Do you have access to the top of the tank? So yes, you can install a sensor. If you want advice on choosing the right sensor, we can help! We can even send an installer to your home, he will choose the cheapest sensor taking into account your needs.

Meet next to the tank.

1. Take the sensor

Take the sensor in hand, note its reference (usually present on the box, in this case, just keep the box near you).

2. Put the sensor on the tank

Take the sensor and attach it to the tank. Generally, our sensors are fitted with multiple screw threads which make it possible to adapt to all sleeve sizes. Then activate the sensor using the magnet provided or by clicking on the sensor button (see the note in the box).

3. Add the sensor in the application

Open your application on your phone, either via the web version, or by installing the Android or iOS application. Note the reference and dimensions of your tank.

4. It's done!

Nothing more to do. Simple, isn't it?

Depending on the type of sensor, you may have to wait a few minutes or a few hours for the validated data to be displayed on your application. You now have access to our application, our management table and our APIs.

What you must remember

  • Fullup has implemented uniform installation processes for all sensors, which is why we are appreciated by our partners
  • The process is simple and does not require advanced computer skills
  • If you have any questions or would like to train a technician in all of our products, contact us at

We will come back to you as soon as possible !

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