Smart tankmonitoring: Simulate your gains

1. How many clients do you serve ?

You serve ... clients.

2. How many refills do you process per year ?

3. Average quantity delivered to each client per year

4. Delivery cost

Deliveries cost on average ...€ to the supplier (eg: administration, truck, driver, ...).

5. Liquid price

One liter of liquid costs on average ... €.

6. Margin on liquid

The average margin on one liter of liquid is ...%.

7. Number of clients in your market (in your region)

8. Market changers

...% of the clients change supplier on a yearly basis.
Here a short estimate of the impacts of tankmonitoring on your organisation.

Benefit 1: Trips saved

/ year.
Tracking your customer tank levels can result in a reduction of 30% of your logistic costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Main advantages are reduction of journeys, reduction of outages, bigger quantities delivered.

Benefit 2: Increase of retention

/ year.
Providing extra services to your customers increases retention and enables you to provide proactive management to key customers. As a result, consumers typically experience a reduction of shortages and an increase of satisfaction resulting in higher loyalty.

Benefit 3: New customers

/ year.
Monitoring technologies and our additional services are key differentiators to attract new customers and build your competitive advantage.

Our advisors are here to help. They can help you better understand the thank monitoring market, set up a business case for your organisation and provide technical insights. Don't hesitate to reach out.

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