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Monitor fuel tank levels on your job sites remotely to avoid fuel outages and optimise your orders

For construction companies, on-site fuel tank management is a sensitive issue on more than one level. The slightest outage can result in the standstill of a construction site and lead to significant delays and costs. In addition, fuel theft is frequent on construction sites.

With Fullup, construction companies now have access to a convenient tool to manage their fuel stock on site.

Fullup allows monitoring of fuel tank levels on the various worksites through a centralised dashboard. All this with the option of placing an order in just a few clicks. Therefore, no more costly emergency deliveries.

Why choose Tank'pro ?

The advantages of the solution

  • To measure is to know

    With our solution, you can fit your liquid product tanks with connected gauges for remote monitoring and subsequently centralise the data using our dashboard. This handy tool enables you to extract the relevant data and continuously analyse your energy consumption.

  • No more site shutdowns

    Thanks to our connected solutions, you will never run out of fuel on your construction sites again. Hence no more costly work stoppages.

  • Centralisation of information and stakeholder accountability

    The dashboard that centralises the data is linked to a data-sharing module. Your site managers and the various stakeholders can therefore easily access the data on the tanks to be monitored.

  • Improved expense management

    The centralisation of data provides a better overview of fuel expenses and follow-up of consumption.

  • Detection of anomalies

    With our tool, it is very simple to detect anomalies and take the necessary corrective measures. A practical solution to fight theft on the building site as well.

How does it work ?

We use the power of the Internet of Things to enable you to increase the traceability of your expenses and the efficiency of your teams on site.

In practical terms, a connected gauge is positioned on the tank. The system sends the information on the content level over the Cloud (wireless solution such as GSM, Sigfox, etc). This information is then processed by our software and displayed on your dashboard and on the end-user application.


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