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Improve the quality of your services and your operating efficiency with our smart water tank management solutions

Many businesses and even households depend on clean water, but supply is often a challenge. Equip your customers’ tanks to help them control their stock and allow you to forecast your orders.

Friendly and efficient logistics

Our technologies and services are compatible with a large variety of liquids and use cases. Discover all the situations where telemetry generates substantial gains for you and your clients.

Why choose Tank'pro ?

  • Develop customer loyalty

    With our solution, you can easily sign resupply contracts with your customers by remotely monitoring their stock.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Cut emergency deliveries and shortages by 99%: your strategic customers will never walk away !

  • Develop new services

    Share information with your customers and allow them to have an overview of their tank and consumption at all times.

  • Reduce operating and distribution costs

    Our solution will provide you with a permanent overview of your inventory and customer tanks, allowing you to plan your deliveries easily and efficiently. Reduce your CO2 footprint.

The advantages of the solution for your customers

No more water breakdowns

The sensor alert system on the water tanks generates a message as soon as the water reaches a critical level. All the customer has to do then is to place the order with you (on the app). Therefore no more breakdowns and waiting for emergency deliveries.

Improved consumption follow-up

The overview of the water level in the tank also makes it possible to detect abnormal consumption (excessive consumption, leaks, etc.).

Peace of mind

Benefit from easy supply.

How does it work ?

We know how important your customers are to you. With Tank’pro, we use an innovative solution to enable you to develop customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

In practical terms, a connected gauge is positioned on the tank. The system sends the information on the content level over the Cloud (wireless solution such as GSM, Sigfox, etc). This information is then processed by our software and displayed on your dashboard and on the end-user application.

Choose the service that suits you best

Tank'pro Basic Tank'pro Connect Hardware as a service
Computer equipment On demand On demand Leasing
Web application
Multiple sensors*
Brand personalisation
Automatic offer generation
Android/iOS application
Installation Optional Optional
Training included

A transparent working method

We analyse your needs and determine the sensors to be installed.

We provide you with your personalised interfaces: Web application and tailored dashboard to control your tanks.

Depending on your requirements we implement the solution with you or with trained technicians.

You control your facilities and benefit from the advantages of the services.

If you wish, you can call on our maintenance services for complete peace of mind.


We will come back to you as soon as possible !

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