Developers: How to get access to your tank level using our API?

Fullup recently published its new public API that provide users an easy way to access their data.

What is an API?

An api is a library of functionalities that are made available to developers so they can interact we a specific system. This way, they can display informations from the system in other interfaces, build services around it and provide insights according to their needs. In the case of Fullup, the data that is made available is related to the tanklevel.

With the api, you don't need to use the app or dashboard to consult your tanklevel. Tanklevels can easily be made available in your own ERP system.

How to use the Fullup API?

To use the API, all you need is a free account. You can easily create one from the App.

Further, to understand how to use the API just go to our documentation here:

The API is available to our users for no additionnal cost. Note that you can only get the informations from the tanks that you manage (shared users can't interact with the tank through the API.



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